Application de la Céramique à l’Art Contemporain

Application de la Céramique à l’Art Contemporain. Collaboration avec l’artiste Joanie Lemercier.

Pour une installation dans une Galerie à New-York .

Using ceramics in Contemporary Art, Exhibition in an Art Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. and for exhibition in The Art Fair, SCOPE New York 2012.

Clearly stepping away from standard setups and techniques, Joanie Lemercier presents unique light performances and installations that challenge the audience by creating optical illusions that question one’s perception of space. Taking visuals away from the restrictions of flat rectangular screens and into the real world, the label transforms objects, sculptures or buildings into hypnotizing canvasses to create immersive site- specific experiences.

Muriel Guépin Gallery, 83 ORCHARD STREET
NEW YORK, NY 10002
présente Joanie Lemercier à SCOPE New-York 2012 et Art Basel.

Le mode de production/ the device : Coulage dans un moule de plâtre en trois parties/slip cast in a three parts plaster mold.

Porcelaine de Valencia/ Valencia Porcelain